Who am I ?
I am originally from the deep fjords in Hardanger, a small town called Odda. Also an artist and designer by heart, and was drawn to study a bachelors degree in visual communication and design at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD) in Bergen. Now I have started on my master's and look forward to a sea of opportunities and projects.
I look at myself as the "flexible designer". The one who is simply curious in most fields. Collaborating with others to create a product consists of so many processes, and it's hard to just focus on accomplishing one thing. Being able to participate in discussions, planning, making prototypes and research is one of the many exciting things I love, and yes, that is exactly what drives me to do design! I like to believe that every field has great potential, and working with a team makes everything more rewarding and exciting.  
Since I am an artist next to my role as a designer, I do use much of my time to express myself as an art painter. And, I am very fond of the coffee Cult, just to point that out. And quiz, don't forget quiz.