Vilde Takla
Artist and designer by heart, I was drawn to study a bachelors degree in visual communication and design at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD) in Bergen. I'm originally from the deep, deep fjords in Hardanger, western Norway, in a small town called Odda. There I have lived most of my life running around in my bunad and herding rabbits with the majestic mountains as my main neighbours. Just like the fairies.
 Now,  I’m currently in my second year of BAV, where we are now focusing more on service/interaction design and graphic design in both magazines, web and Contextualization, relationships, experimentation and individual professional development. My interests in the creative field have made me more curious about how design affect our everyday life, and how the development of the product goes.
I love to make things. From small sketches to art and animations, from ideas to physical products like furniture and costumes, from post-it notes to function able applications or simply games. I like to believe that every field has great potential, and working with a team makes everything more rewarding and exciting. I am also an artist next to my role as a designer, and I use much of my time to express myself as an art painter. I'm also very fond of the coffee Cult, just to point that out. And quiz, don't forget quiz.

Photo by: Per Christian Berntsen