F L Y I N G - F O X
character development and animation, here from a basic animation course and
understanding/theory of working with animation and other time-based expressions. Digital and
analog animation in both 2D and 3D, with the focus on communication in the making,
storytelling and character development. 

Flying fox - a group of bats that mainly live in Africa and Asia, and are also known as "megabats". This type of bat can weigh 2-3 kilos and become a full 1.80 m from wing tip to wing tip! Bats are very important to the Asian ecosystem and are one of those responsible for pollinating a variety of trees and plants. To date, hundreds of thousands of bats are killed on an annual basis, and the main causes being food, deforestation, and hunted for sport. My first full animation done in after effects as part of my studies in visual communication. Inspired and engaged by these beautiful animals. Link to the movie is beneat this text.

Short animation where this form is tested in practice. The film will illustrate what one feels when one has anxiety, where void and darkness are among the elements.
A small film about fluids and paint. Made entirely with water and paint in a wine glass. Was made to look like a galxy, or more like the nebula fogs in outer space. 

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