A collection of some of the motifs, where I has mainly focused on effects, abstract and figuralism. Here I have used various color palettes and techniques, but often I will use blue, sea-green, Ocher, black and pink. The techniques I use vary as I love to experiment, but at the same time keeping my self to a plan. In my experience, Art is not only wonderful and rich, but also an important tool for a designer.

consept art, visual arts or interior design /embellishment of the more analogous method. Several of the art prints and paintings can be purchased at Galleri Trolltunga, in the municipality of Ullensvang.
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Tveitavegen 2D, Tyssedal, Norway | + 934 41 830 | Ullensvang Kommune
experimentation with brought objects (what we find under the shoe). By this expression I mean what you come across, which you never expected, but still choose to take with you on the journey. Designs that bear the character of bird / parrot, which in itself gave exciting expression, but which evolved to become something far more unlike the first draft of ideas. Here it was especially exciting to give the animal a new texture, and often something you do not expect on a bird.
Digital illustration and handmade drawing made to silkscreen. Here the artprints of the mountains in my hometown, Odda and Tyssedal.
  Original works that adorn the hallway at my home in a home exhibit. The pictures below: Photographed paintings with graphic execution / retouch.

Other works
English Budgerigar - 2014
Article about this piece:
Other works - Art and work in progress