Different projects with a range from UI/UX and design to self development and research. Focus on the user, Interaction design and service design within different subjects.
visual identity for the master exhibition in design. Based on a design letter from the master students, material will be produced that is used both before, during and after the exhibition. To deliver a holistic identity, it will require good project management, organization and collaboration, as well as the ability to make professionally reasoned visual choices. a visual identity will be developed for the master exhibition in design focusing on the unity of each exhibitor.
planning and strategic method of exhibition design and user experience of an exhibition. How can the audience get the best experience possible by using posters, web and wayfinding in a more fun and creative way? And how will this affect social media?
  Being able to direct the audience in the right direction to the exhibitors not only gives the visitors a good experience, but also the exhibition itself will appear more professional and completed. Every exhibit needs good information on the direction, toilets and facilities that can be useful to have within its reach, and therefore one must be aware of how this information can be shared most effectively. We changed and tried many names for the exhibition and landed on MA-Exhibition at last.

Interview held by Emil Olsen and me. After the professors asked us to gather information about cod and the sea in a short time, me and Emil (fellow student) decided to go to the Aquarium in Bergen. We took a phone call to the general manager and got a tour of the aquarium and an exclusive interview with one of the animal carers who is an expert in cod nutrition and marine management, Joachim Ekeli. The focus was on cod and Norwegian production of fish, conservation of marine habitats and of course, aquaculture. Joachim explains why it is important to secure the future of fish and humans in a more environmentally friendly and thoughtful sustainable future. The interview was taken to the report to our client for further discussion.
A pop-up station of a conversation starter about the biggest power in our country - politicians. In exchange for a free chocolate fish, we invite a person  for  an interesting conversation about  the  politics, environment and pollution in the home of the codfish. Stand made by the project group "Oily Cod". Designed by me and my fellow students, Frida Ytterbø, Paula Apse and Viktoria Røisli. This product is inspired by the interview from the Aquarium in Bergen, Institute of Marine Research and other external influences.
Interaction design, here with a test mockup of an app that is supposed to measure the unit / per drink of a person. The project was led by Emil Olsen and me. The function to the app (prototyping and testing different ideas around this topic) is to give the user more control over their intake of alcohol.

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