Bergen 950 years is based on Bergen as a city, and its history through several eras. this was an assignment I received from ReAnima International Animation Festival, a pure animation festival based in Bergen. Due to a new lockdown and strict measures that came into effect this autumn, the entire trailer was made from my own office at home. With the advantage of being able to walk down to Bryggen museum and Bryggen, I was able to gather direct sources and inspiration to be able to complete the trailer. 
All elements in the animation should be inspired by, or have a touch that should fit into the era shown in the animation. In order to create a form of identity that connects this specifically to Bergen, and without having to include any tragic outcomes such as excessive rain or fire, it was rather designed with "livable" rain and no fire at all. The logo itself was designed by Mariia Snisarenko, and was animated by me. I was largely inspired by pokemon games and illustrations based on bird's eye view. Music by @Iksonmusic used with the rights artist refers to his website. Sources are shown below. The festival took place on 12 November 2020.

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