A collection of some of the motifs, where I has mainly focused on effects, abstract and figuralism. consept art, visual arts or interior design /embellishment of the more analogous method. Several of the art prints and paintings by me can be purchased at Galleri Trolltunga, in the municipality of Ullensvang.
(Contact info to the Gallery)
Tveitavegen 2D, Tyssedal, Norway | + 934 41 830 | Ullensvang Kommune

Falling into place - 2020, A3 format.
The broken is not always broken, and the lost find their way back. What if you allowed yourself to heal what you thought was a lost cause?
Lauvskog - 120x160 (2017)

This painting is inspired by the beautiful forests around Hardanger, put together to make this warm, green atmosphere.
Abstract eggs, digital and analog work
Combination analog painting done with a digital retouch of ordinary breakfast eggs.
Abstract Symbiosis
  a study of rocks and lichens with a more dynamic and abstract form, especially inspired by what can be viewed from the mountain. 15 unique, self-printed riso prints in A3 format.
Mineral - 50x100, 2020

Like a river filled with minerals and sand seen from above.
Folgefonna 2019
Silkscreen made of my illustration of the beautiful mountains of Hardanger, Western Norway. Framing by Gallery Trolltunga.

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