Geofilter / snapchat filter
A project done in collaboration between me and Anny Follesøy, as part of our practice at Overhaus AS. This project was a mockup we made in response to UiB's request for new filters for the city's statues representing the university's greats, as well as works of art. Here we have tried to create an identity based on more humor and modern touch, with information about each statue. Our main goal was to present them in a modern way, so that those who use the geofilters will also get "lowkey" information about each statue. This prosject was created as a pitch. 

The filters should have a minimalist style with a simple palette, but a somewhat fun design of font and layout. Here I have been responsible for the main illustration and palette, while Anny worked with font, mockup, grid and user experience. This task was done in connection with our internship at Overhaus.

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