During this projekt, our bachelor class worked with a visual identity for the master exhibition in design. Based on a design brief from the master's students, we worked with planning, ideas, services and UX to make an best possible exhibition for both audience and masters due to the pandemic. To deliver a holistic identity, it will require good project management, organization and collaboration, as well as the ability to make professionally justified visual choices. 

We divided up different work tasks based on what the exhibtion need. Social media, Wayfinding, Identity, Animation, servicedesign, PR and WEB. Here we have ruled on the tasks and scope of the work so that everyone will have the opportunity to get an insight into each topic.
Mock up, social media and how it will interact with the audience. The main focus is how we can add the identity of the exhibition to SoMe, and at the same time works out with both dark theme and light theme. The picture to the left shows the final results of the SoMe structure, and the picture in the bottom shows the process and ideas in development I had with structure and grid.

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