Ymt magazine is a magazine made by students, guided by professors and other external influences. The magazine offers a wide range of research, design, art and views by several renowned designers and professors. Here, the bachelor of design has collaborated with the design of concept, palette, content and layout. The hierarchy has been distributed in such a way that every student can try different methods, but also challenged both analog and digital. 

 Here with the finished books in its beauty - YMT magazine vol 2.  The lines should illustrate directions, a way, a goal. a few lines give more air, but at the same time it fulfills its purpose - should give a hint of a direction.  The magazine is done by the BA2 class (2018-2021) with directions and guiding by professors Dóra Ísleifsdóttir, Åse Huus, Magnus Nyquist, printed by Bodoni AS and guiding and help from KMD university. 

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